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Please Donate to Support Inverness Cat Rescue


Hello and welcome

Inverness Cat Rescue was set up to rescue and re-home unwanted and stray cats and kittens in the Inverness area. We have over 20 years experience in dealing with the welfare and rehabilitation of needy cats/kittens.

We are funded entirely by donations, and rely on the generosity of cat-lovers. All donations of money, food, blankets etc. are most gratefully welcomed. (Can be collected).

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We Need Donations

Thanks so much to everyone who has generously donated cat-food to us recently, and also for the continuing support through PayPal. Your kindness enables us to help more needy cats in our area.

Oddments and scraps of wool/yarn of any kind are always gratefully received. Some is used for making cosy blankets for the cats, and some is used for fund-raising. We are happy to collect in the Inverness area.

Donate To Us


Heather and Derik are committed to helping needy cats in the Inverness area and devote their lives to caring for the unfortunate, unwanted and abandoned.

Heather has a vast amount of experience in all fields of cat care and welfare, having founded the Inverness Branch of Cats Protection and co-ordinated it for 20 years before branching out on her own, supported by husband Derik. She worked in a local rescue kennels and cattery for 12 years, has over 20 years experience working in a veterinary practice, and was also the Inverness contact for a national Petcare Helpline, giving advice on all aspects of pet care.

The Cat Rescue is entirely voluntary, and run from home. All funds raised are spent solely on food, litter and veterinary fees. All overheads and other day to day expenses are met by Heather and Derik…. for the love of the cats.