All our CATS at Inverness Cat Rescue are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health checked, and come with a 4-week free insurance plan. (For details on Petplan’s free 4 week cover see ‘Advice’ page).

When rehoming a KITTEN we would always require a signed undertaking that neutering will take place at a time no later than that set out in the Adoption Agreement. We would also require a new owner to provide us with certification from their vet after the procedure has been undertaken. The cost of this procedure would be attributable to the new owner unless alternative arrangements have been made with us at the time of adoption.

We aim to continue our policy of ‘donations welcome’ when rehoming a cat or kitten. We will ask for a discretionary donation when rehoming, which will help towards the cost of the vaccination, neutering, and microchipping programme which each cat is part of, and to enable us to continue helping more needy cats. Please remember that donations are our primary source of income, and only with these can we continue helping cats. However we will always base our decision on whether to rehome a cat on the quality of care the cat is going to receive rather than on the amount of money that we can generate from it.

If you would like further information on any of our cats, or would like to arrange a home visit, please contact us on 01463 226279.

Adult Cats

We usually have adult cats looking for permanent caring homes. Not all are featured on the website, so please call us to check on what we have. Some of our cats have had a really hard time, and are looking for a very special person who can show them the love that they have never known. Could you be the person to give one of these cats a second chance?

Our Accommodation

Our accommodation consists of purpose-built insulated cat cabins. They have electricity installed, and each cat has a heated bed in their ‘bedroom’ area, and has access to outdoors. All are provided with toys and are groomed and given individual attention each day.

Kittens are housed in kitten pens in our house where they can have frequent contact and handling from us, and also have the opportunity to be familiarised with everyday household noises (e.g. vacuum, washing machine, etc.) We specialise in hand-rearing orphaned kittens and have successfully reared many litters from the age of just a few hours old.

We also have isolation facilities to cater for ill cats or nursing mothers.

Cats Looking for a Home

CINDERELLA and LIGHTNING McCAT are a 3yr old pair of beautiful healthy girls who are looking for a new home together because of a severe allergy in their present family. Their present owner describes them as follows….

“They are outdoor cats, however can use a litter tray. They like to hunt and are used to living in a fairly rural area. They have never been separated so it is important that they stay together, they’re incredibly close and sleep together and groom each other. They would be completely lost without each other.

They have been brought up around two children who they got on well with, but tended to avoid as they are very timid, so would be best suited to a fairly quiet home, perhaps with older children. They were abandoned as kittens and sadly have always been a bit shy, but when they find themselves they’re the most amazing, friendly and affectionate cats. They don’t scratch or bite and love a belly rub!

They are fully vaccinated and microchipped. They have a cat tree which is included in the adoption. They are being adopted due to a newly diagnosed, severe allergy. This has caused the reluctant rehoming. They were loved and cared for for three, fantastic years and it’s so important that they are adopted to a loving family who will love them as much as I do.”

If you think you might be able to offer a suitable permanent home to these cats please email us on and tell us about your home situation (e.g. other pets? children (ages)? address & contact phone number), and why you think the cats night like to join your family.

PEPPI is a beautiful 10yr old girl who is looking for a nice quiet retirement home. She is not used to living with other pets or with children, but she would be a lovely companion for an older single person or couple. Peppi had no access to outdoors during the past three years, and would be happy to be an indoor cat, but equally she would be happy with safe outdoor access, as she was accustomed to that when she was younger.

Peppi is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you think you can offer Peppi her ideal home please email us at

FREDDIE is a handsome 5yr old boy who is looking for a new home since his owner sadly passed away. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Freddie is a very friendly boy who would be suited to a fairly quiet home, perhaps with older children. He is not used to living with other pets. He likes to have access to outdoors, so would like to live in an area that’s not too close to busy roads.

If you would like to know more about Freddie, or would like to meet him please email us at